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    Trondoli Group SRL is specialized in the manufacturing of womenswear. We take care of the smallest details of garment and we focus especially on the final testing phase. We guarantee impeccable garments in record time for the clients that request the best from the clothing manufacturing.

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Are you a young fashion designer or a fashion brand? Are you looking for a clothing manufacturing company?
TRONDOLI Group is the right choice!

TRONDOLI Group has a 30-year experience in the clothing manufacturing field and it avails itself of a qualified staff in the textile industry, a guarantee of made in Italy high standards.

Speed of delivery, professionalism, attention to the details for each garment and a long tailoring experience make Trondoli Group a reliable partner for the clothing manufacturing.

Trondoli Group work with important brands in the fashion industry, clients that represent an authentic guarantee of high quality and professionalism.

Some of the most famous clients of Trondoli Group are: Diffusione Tessile, Pennyblack, Max Mare, Max & Co. and Marina Rinaldi.


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The manufacturing cycle starts from the paper pattern and the meticulous testing of the components to obtain an item of clothing.

The cutting of the fabric is an important phase for the management of all the particular cases such as placed prints, checked or striped fabrics, act.

Then there is the tailoring phase: from the simple paper pattern, we manufacture the garments taking care of the smallest details and thanks to the expertise of our tailors.

The complex ironing phase requires maximum attention in order to guarantee a perfect garment and the high quality of the made in Italy standard.

Finally, the tailors carry out the final testing, a qualitative testing of every single item of clothing in order to guarantee impeccable garments.

To ultimate the manufacturing cycle, we deliver the finished garments to our clients.


More Than 30 Years Of Made In Italy

Trondoli Group SRL is a manufacturing clothing company from Rovigo, Italy, specialized in the clothing manufacturing of womenswear, from the creation to the finishing phase, in order to obtain an item of clothing.
The company has more than a 30-year experience in the clothing manufacturing on behalf of third parties.

The presence of a consolidated system, a quality control on the 100% of the garments, a full made in Italy production chain contribute to the obtainment of high-quality standards and an incredibly fast and efficient clothing manufacturing cycle.



Quality is the highest priority for Trondoli Group SRL and it is necessary for guarantee high quality fashion garments, manufactured with attention to the smallest details.
The team of Trondoli Group SRL, thanks to the long experience in the field and their expertise, can face any kind of tailoring challenge to meet every need of the client. The company avails itself of avant-garde and technological machines.


Trondoli Group SRL supports made in Italy, as opposed to the other textile firms that relocate their activities abroad in order to be more competitive in the market and to cut down the labor costs, Trondoli Group SRL believes and invests in made in Italy, with a professional staff that guarantees high quality products at competitive prices.


Thanks to the 30-year experience, the precision in the finishing and in the sewing phases and the incredible fast clothing manufacturing process, Trondoli Group SRL produces fashion collections in record time.
Trondoli Group SRL is a guarantee for the manufacturing of 1000 garments per week, always supervising every single phase of the production process.

The satisfaction of our clients, fashion designers and fashion companies

  • The clients of Trondoli Group SRL are well-known brands such as Max Mara, Max & Co., Diffusione Tessile, Marella, Pinko, Twinset, Marina Rinaldi, Pennyblack, Liu Jo, etc.
  • Thanks to the speed of the manufacturing cycle and the high quality of the garments has led to an exponential growth of the orders and of the company.
  • Trondoli Group SRL thanks to the 30-year experience in the clothing manufacturing field offers its deep expertise and knowledge of the market and of the products, is a precious partner for manufacturing services in the fashion industry.
  • Nowadays, Trondoli Group SRL manufactures about 1000 garments per week, all completely made in Italy and is able to manage one of the most delicate process of the production chain, in terms of time and costs: the treatment of the finished garments. Quality, speed, innovation and made in Italy have always been our values.
  • If you believe in made in Italy, work with us!

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Clothing manufacturing for fashion brands and fashion designers.

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