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Trondoli Group SRL


  • Trondoli Group SRL is an Italian clothing manufacturing company established in the 1984. The company has more than a 30-year experience in the clothing-manufacturing field on the behalf of third parties.

    Originally called Trondoli Francesca SNC, the company used to manufacture only outerwear, but thanks to the experience acquired, the precision and the passion, as the years passed the company has started to manufacture also dresses, skirts, pants, always in the womenswear category.

  • The styling, the manufacturing and the cutting phases with the meticulous quality testing of the finished product and an incredible speed are the main strong points of the company.
  • Trondoli Group SRL is a solid firm in constant evolution, always ready to accept new challenges and market requests, with the guarantee of maximum speed and quality of the products.The team is characterized by highly qualified personnel with a deep passion for its job, technological machines and a meticulous quality testing in all the phases of the manufacturing cycle; all these qualities has led Trondoli Group SRL to specialized in the clothing manufacturing field and to meet the needs of every client.
    Trondoli Group SRL supervises the scrupulous manufacturing of clothes on the behalf of third parties, from the productive phase to the final testing of the order.

Our strong point is the family managed business and the diversification of our services, that starts from the pattern-making to the pattern grading, the cutting, and the possible labeling, tailoring and reconditioning, ironing and delivery to the client. Thanks to our professional and skilled team, we can always count on a perfect and accurate clothing manufacturing process.

Trondoli Group S.r.l.

The productive department of Trondoli Group SRL avail itself of modern and technological machines and a strategic clothing manufacturing process that improve the quality of the finished garments:

Lining machines, automatic stitching machines;
Buttonhole machine, attaching shoulder pads machine;
Bartacks; electronic and normal buttonhole machine;

Blindstitching machine;
Labeling machine; fully automatic button wrapping machine;
Complett 780 hand stitch sewing machine;

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We manufacture collections.

Trondoli Group SRL is a clothing manufacturing company for fashion brands and fashion designers.

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